Join our PRE-ICO round

This is our seed round, become one of our first investors by participating into this token sale.

round ends in
PRE-ICO round tokens Available Sold
100,000,000 WRK 99,999,800 WRK 200 WRK
Contracts Official contract address
WRK token 0x68E3B39333bEbCcBEeBb713890d98B8a4464a539
Never send ETH to this address.
WRK crowdsale 0x01904f68333D64ce34DcDBB122281D9d2581Ee50
To receive WRK tokens send ETH only to this address.
WRK sold:
200 tokens sold
100,000,000 WRK

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How we going to use PRE-ICO funds?

Percentage (%) Purpose
50% Our platform and products development (business, team, software)
20% Marketing & Sales
20% Liquidity
10% Company expenses and other operating costs

PRE-ICO FAQ is a platform which offers a set of products and tools to connect talented freelancers to your business operations.

Currently, is in the testing and development stage with plans to launch in June 2022 (or sooner).

Our long term goal is to build and grow the platform and tools for talented freelancers and skilled digital nomads to work remotely and have the freedom to enjoy their life.

You can participate by purchasing our tokens.

To purchase these tokens you need to have your ETH wallet which supports ERC20 tokens. We recommend to use MetaMask. Simply send ETH to our (WRK crowdsale) contract address and you will receive the tokens back to your wallet.

The PRE-ICO round is a short term opportunity for those who believe in our project and wish to invest before it is officially launched.

This is an excellent opportunity for investors who want to get in on the cheapest token price possible.

Token prices in following rounds will be at a minimum, 2-3 times higher.

Our goal is to sell 100,000,000 WRK tokens and raise the ETH which will be invested in our business and platform development.

The remaining tokens of this PRE-ICO will be directed back to the main wallet and offered in next rounds.

We value our tokens and do not offer bonuses.

However, if you wish to purchase more than 1,000,000 tokens please contact us for a bonus.

The minimum is 1 token, there is no maximum.

For this PRE-ICO we accept ETH.

Make sure you added our token as an asset in your MetaMask. To do so, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open your Metamask
  • 2. Click on Assets tab, scroll down and click on Import tokens
  • 3. Enter contract address: 0x68E3B39333bEbCcBEeBb713890d98B8a4464a539
  • 4. Click Add Custom Token

WRK token FAQ

1 WRK cost 0.00005 ETH.

For 1 ETH you get 20,000 WRK tokens.

Total supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens. There will not be more.

Every person who owns and holds WRK tokens owns part of the platform and business.

Since there is very limited supply and most tokens are going to be distributed to the WRKON team who work exceptionally hard to grow this business, we cannot keep our token value too low.

Yes. These details will be announced in later stages.

We do not plan to include the token as a payment method in the platform.

Our tokens represent ownership of the platform and business.

Yes, our WRK token will be listed at public exchanges.


  • Idea

    Idea came from solving our own business problems. We have similar systems which we use internaly in our other business operations.

  • Prototype

    We put our idea on paper and started developing prototype which can be easily used by the public.

  • Funding

    Our plan is to get funding via ICO. We going to launch our pre-ico at the end of 2021.
    Anyone will be able to participate in our ICO and become our early investors.

  • Launch
    June, 2022 (or sooner)

    We going to launch our platform which going to include Candidates, Talents, Tasks and we will be ready to serve our first clients and generate first revenue.

PRE-ICO Round:

Ticker: WRK

Token Network: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Token Contract:

Token Price: 1 WRK = 0.00005 ETH

PRE-ICO Goal: 100,000,000 Tokens

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens