Our mission and goals

We going to change the ways in which people work and how businesses integrate talented people into their operations.


Our next five years vision is to build tools and products in these sectors:

    • Cloud
    • Blockchain
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Metaverse

Future Products

Cloud products and services – One of our goals will be to build products and services for our clients which will assist them in day to day cloud service management and operations.

Blockchain services – We going to create products and tools for new and existing businesses who want to evolve into blockchain and crypto currencies.

Artificial Intelligence – We going to create products and services which will allow new and existing businesses to integrate AI into their business operations.

The core of all our products will be talented people which will be integrated with our software to serve our new and existing clients.

Our Timeline

  • Idea

    Idea came from solving our own business problems. We have similar systems which we use internaly in our other business operations.

  • Prototype

    We put our idea on paper and started developing prototype which can be easily used by the public.

  • Funding

    Our plan is to get funding via ICO. We going to launch our pre-ico at the end of 2021.
    Anyone will be able to participate in our ICO and become our early investors.

  • Launch
    June, 2022 (or sooner)

    We going to launch our platform which going to include Candidates, Talents, Tasks and we will be ready to serve our first clients and generate first revenue.