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Build your talent network

The WRKON platform enables you to build lists of talent pools and allocate them different tasks.

Registration is open, clients can fund their accounts via SEPA, ACH, CRYPTO.

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Main Features

Discover our main features which will help you to source and organize your workforce.
  1. 1

    Find Candidates

    Our free Candidates tool will help you to test and find the best workers who can automate your work.

  2. 2

    Group Talents

    Found good candidates? Group them into separated talent pools (lists) for example: Writers, Designers, Copywriters, etc.

  3. 3

    Post Jobs

    Posts paid job assigments to your talent pools (lists) and get them done fast!

WRKON for Business

Build talent pools (lists) to automate your business tasks such as: Marketing & Advertising, Design, Writing, Translation, Videos, etc.

Problem: Say you have a video editing company and you need to find 10 skilled video editors to work with you on your client’s project.

Old method: Spend precious hours roaming freelance websites to try find talent. Begin messaging and communicating with each individual candidate (situated in different time zones), test them, haggle over rates, and the list goes on...

WRKON solution: Create your Candidate List with test tasks for your potential video editors to complete. Share your WRKON generated url for potential candidates to apply. Evaluate and select your talents and transfer them to your Talent List. Post your paid job assignments to your talent pool in your Talent List and away you go!


WRKON for Contractors

Build talent pools (lists) to provide different services for your new or exiting clients.

Contractors or service providers can use our platform as a backend for their business.

You can use the WRKON platform to create talent pools (lists) and make use of them to provide your offered service to both your new and existing clients.

Use Cases

Discover the ways in which the WRKON platform can be beneficial to you.
Use Case

For Existing Businesses

Let's find out how the WRKON platform can benefit your existing business.

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Use Case

For New Businesses

Let's get ideas how you can build your entire business backend on the WRKON platform.

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Use Case

Cloud Business

Entering into the cloud services realm? Check this out.

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It is our mission that both clients and talents reap the benefits of the WRKON platform, with fair and even fee distribution.


10 %
added to each job spend
  • For example, if you spend $100.00 USD, your payment method will be billed $110.00 USD.


10 %
deducted from each payout.
  • For example, if you request a payout of $1,000.00 USD, you will receive $900.00 USD.


Looking for answers? Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

wrkon.com is a platform which offers a set of products and tools to connect talented freelancers with your business operations.

WRKON.com is not a freelancer database or jobs board. We offer a set of automated tools which can be used for your business needs to manage your talent pools.

Our future mission is to develop and introduce a set of new tools which will simplify end to end work processes between global corporations and remote talents.

Currently, our main product offering is the Tasks/Jobs tool which can be very useful for job assignment automation in these categories:

  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Analytics
  • IT & Networking
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Translation
  • Web/Mobile App Development
  • Writing & Editing
  • Design

No, wrkon.com currently does not offer a freelancer database and you are not going to find new freelancers on our website.

We offer a Candidates tool which is free to use, you will need to set up a page and test tasks for each category of talents you require.

For example: If you are seeking web designers, you will need to seek out potential candidates on social media, forums, freelancer websites, etc. Just share the WRKON generated URL of your Candidate List and wait until they come and apply.

Prospective members of your talent pool will apply to you by completing these small test tasks which you set up in advance for them.

Why does WRKON not have its own freelancer database?

We may implement a freelancer database in the future but we think there are plenty of freelancer marketplaces currently out there.

Yes, all you need to do is to simply request your team to open a WRKON account via this link.

After your team members have registered, you can proceed to add them to your Talents Lists by entering their username or email. Thereafter, you can set work for them via WRKON’s other tools and products.

At the moment we charge a 10% fee over and above your total job spend on the WRKON platform.

For example, if you spend $100.00 USD, your payment method will be billed $110.00 USD.

We accept major credit cards. You can pay per job via credit card or top-up your account balance.

Crypto (soon :))

WRKON will ensure that your talents receive their earnings via Payoneer.

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch