Services Business

Extend your own services to clients online and generate good profits.

This use case is probably the most easy to set up as you can begin offering your services and make a profit in just a couple of days. Your target clients would be, for example, social influencers or social media channel users seeking translation services, content writing/proofing/editing services, subtitling, profile creation and maintenance, etc.

You would essentially operate as a ‘middle man’, providing a range of services done by skilled freelancers, whilst putting your good sales skills to work and generating a profit for yourself.

How does it work?

You would first need to explore various niches online to source clients to sell your services to. For example, you could sell a client translation services at a rate of $500.00 USD, get the job done on the WRKON platform for $200.00 USD (a very fair rate), generating a healthy profit of $300.00 USD. You can have profit margins of 30-50% or more.

Where do I begin?

Create your Candidate List and create test tasks for your potential freelancers who you intend hiring to do the assignments for you. For example, should you wish to sell translation services, you would need to create a separate Candidate List only for language translations and set up test tasks for every translation pair English to Spanish, English to French and so on.

I have set up my Candidate List. Now where do I find the candidates?

You will need to seek out potential candidates on social media, forums, freelancer websites, etc. Just share the WRKON generated URL of your Candidate List and wait until they come and apply.

I received a few applicants. What’s next?

Now you need to evaluate your candidates by how well they performed on your test task and ensure they possess the right skills for the particular service you require them to provide. After you have ranked and rated suitable candidates, you then transfer them to your Talent List so you can begin sending them paid job assignments.

How do paid job assignments work?

Let’s say you have a client who requires you to translate 10 pages of text from English to Chinese. You will need to create a new paid job assignment, then select the Talent List containing your pool of English to Chinese translators. Upload the translation materials with the job assignments. Set the rate which you are going to pay, for example, if a client has paid you $200.00 USD for this job, you deem $100.00 USD is a fair rate to pay your freelancer.

After your client has made payment, you post your paid job assignment, your talent pool within your Talent List will be notified and can pick the job. Once your assignment has been completed to your satisfaction, you will approve the job and forward the translation to your client.