Crypto/Blockchain Business

Learn the ways how you can enter into Crypto/Blockchain consulting business.

Crypto currencies and blockchain technologies are still fairly new digital assets, expected to be rapidly growing and advancing within the next 5-10 years. “It looks like blockchain is here to stay, I think it’s going to be a powerful technology for modern society.” – Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at how the platform can be beneficial if you are already working in or planning to enter into this space.

There are potential clients who are searching for blockchain technologies every day. The idea here is for you to seek out these clients and provide blockchain/consulting services to them.

What solutions can I offer?

First analyze the needs and provide solutions to your potential clients in the crypto/blockchain industry. For example:

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Tokens/smart contracts
  • Crypto wallets
  • Crypto payments

Just in these few abovenamed categories exists many opportunities to locate clients and provide them solutions for their digital asset needs.

How do I begin?

You first need to plan and establish what kind of service you intend to provide. Let’s say you want to provide paid crypto/blockchain consulting services, your service will be to consult with those clients who wish to enter or explore the blockchain industry.

To offer this service, you will need to find talented people who are very knowledgeable in blockchain technologies and have good experience in this field.

Step 1: Create a candidate list

To begin, you will need to create your Candidate List and set test jobs for your potential talents. A test job can be as simple as, “Set up a coin on Ethereum blockchain and record your screen while doing so.” This way, you can observe the process and gauge whether the candidate possesses the right skills and expertise for this assignment.

Step 2: Share the URL

After your Candidate List and test jobs are prepared, it is time to build a team. You could spread the word via social media, freelance/job boards, crypto forums, LinkedIn, etc.

Step 3: Sort your talents

Review the test results, skills, and qualifications of the candidates who applied. If you successfully discover good talent, you can create your Talent List and name it “Blockchain Experts” and store your talents in this list.

Step 4: Learn and improve

Now that you already possess a small team of talents, you could start planning your whole process and providing your service.

In consulting, you can request a client to provide questions, problems, or needs upfront, following which, you can forward your offer to the client. Let’s say a client has 20 questions to which they require you to provide answers and solutions for and they will be paying you $500.00 USD for this assignment.

After you have collected payment, you can create a new Task in our system with your offered payment amount, deadline, instructions, etc. The talents in your Talent List will be notified of a new available Task and it will be picked for completion. You can expect to pay at least $250.00 USD for this assignment.

After the assignment is completed and reviewed by you, you simply forward it on to your client and congratulations, you made $250.00 USD. If you establish large numbers of clients and talents, the potential is really huge.