Learn the ways in which the WRKON platform can help you to build your digital world or digital assets.

“Whether in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or simply on a screen, the promise of the metaverse is to allow a greater overlap of our digital and physical lives in wealth, socialization, productivity, shopping and entertainment.” (

For example, donning your VR headset and popping into your bank in the metaverse. The era of standing in queues, stuck in traffic, and costly fees and expenses to physically go to the bank are fast disappearing. In a new age of social distancing and safe practices, 7 in 10 Gen Zs and millennials have expressed interest in interacting with the metaverse. (Harris Poll survey –

However, this transformation will take time as the metaverse is still conceptual, its protocols are new and in the development stage.

Like every digital asset, the metaverse requires extremely talented people to build these virtual worlds and assets within them.

Entering the metaverse sector will require a team of talented, smart people on-demand, as you will need the best of the best in skills and SUPER-FAST. This is where WRKON can assist you.

You can have hundreds of developers developing assets inside the metaverse such as 3D objects, NFTs, avatars, items, virtual real estate, and so on…

How does it work?

First decide which metaverse you wish to join and invest your time and money into.

Then learn the protocols and development processes of how to participate into virtual asset development in that specific metaverse.

Create virtual assets such as virtual real estate, NFTs, avatars, virtual items, etc.

Sell these assets to other metaverse participants for profits.

Where do I begin?

Create your Candidate List and create test tasks for your potential metaverse asset developers who are going to create these virtual goods and items. For example, if you are seeking an NFT creator, you can create a test task where you will ask potential candidates to create a simple NFT to your specifications.

I have set up my Candidate List. Now where do I find the candidates?

You will need to seek out potential candidates on social media, forums, freelancer websites, etc. Just share the WRKON generated URL of your Candidate List and wait until they come and apply.

I received a few applicants. What’s next?

Now you need to evaluate your candidates by how well they performed on your test task, ensure they possess the right skills and delivered a great NFT. After you have ranked and rated suitable candidates, you then transfer them to your Talent List so you can begin sending them the paid job assignments.

How do paid job assignments work?

Let’s say you want to develop a set of Pokémon NFT cards containing 20 NFTs. You will need to create and post 20 job assignments to your Talent List with 20 different specifications for each Pokémon NFT. Now since you already have your people in your Talent List comprising 20 paid job assignments, you can expect the entire set to be successfully completed in a couple of days or even hours.

In this same manner you can rapidly produce any digital assets at scale.