Candidates List

Find out how candidates list works

The Candidate List is the one of the most important features which you, the client, will make use of to bring talented people into our platform.

For which types of online jobs can this feature be used?

This feature can be used for any type of job which can be done online. For example: translation, transcription, video/audio editing, design, software, writing, testing, reviews, etc.

How does it work?

The main purpose of the Candidate List is to create a channel for potential candidates who will apply to your talent pool by completing your test tasks. You can rank and rate your candidates and later decide which candidates you will select to transfer into your Talent List.

Quick example: Let’s say you have a requirement for 3 translators who can translate English to Spanish, English to Russian, and English to Chinese. You will need to create a new Candidate List and create 3 test tasks(for each language pair), these test tasks can be, for example, a 200 word test translation.

Once you have your test tasks set up, all you need to do is to share the WRKON link to these test tasks in freelancer boards, social media platforms etc. and wait for applicants to apply. After they apply, you can view how they performed on your test task and decide which candidates you would like to transfer to your Talent List.

How is the Candidate List linked with the Talent List?

If you successfully acquired suitable candidates, you can then transfer them to your Talent List.

The Talent List is linked with Tasks, this means that when you create a new job (in Tasks tool) you select the Talent List to which you want that job to be sent.

How much does it cost to use the Candidate List?

This feature is free to use.