Talent List

Find out how talent list work

The Talent List feature enables you to have multiple lists of people, suitably skilled at working on specific tasks.

How does it work?

We all have people with varied skillsets suited to specific jobs or tasks. So why not just store these people so we can access them at any time we want?

You can create Talent Lists and directly add people to these lists by knowing their username or email or transferring them from your Candidate List.

Quick Example: Let’s say, you know that Mark and Lisa are good web designers, you invite them to register on the WRKON platform. You then create a new Talent List and name it “Web Designers” and add Mark and Lisa to this list by knowing their wrkon.com username or email.

Now, every time you have a web design job, instead of contacting Mark and Lisa, you simply create a new task in the Tasks section, select Talent List “Web Designers” and that’s it; Mark and Lisa will be notified of your new job and will pick it up.

How are Talent Lists connected with Tasks?

Talent Lists are connected with Tasks. Each time you want to post a new job/task, you will be required to select a Talent List. If you have, for example, a translation task, you will need to select the Talent List where your talented translators are stored.

What other features do Talent Lists have?

Talent Lists have features such as job and rate limits and enabling/disabling specific talents. We are still working on developing and improving our features.

I do not have or know of any talented people. How can I find them?

Please check our Candidate List section for more information on how you can set up a Candidate List and create your channel for finding talented people.

How much does it cost to use Talent Lists?

This feature is free to use.