Scale your cloud business

Outsource your cloud business operations.

Nowadays, almost all online business operations are moving to cloud computing, which can be both daunting and extremely challenging. Most cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean® and others require smart, talented, and highly skilled people to set up and maintain the infrastructure.

The need for such on-demand talents is rapidly increasing each year and the costs to acquire and retain such talent on your team can be pretty high.

How can WRKON be beneficial for you?

First let’s look into cloud related operations which you could outsource, such operations can be:

  • Setting up servers, virtual machines
  • Creating network infrastructure
  • Database management
  • Email
  • Storage
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Security tests/audits
  • Support and maintenance and many others…

Setting up and managing all these services require talented, smart people on-demand and this is where WRKON can assist you.

How it works? (Complex case)

Let’s say you have a cloud computing business and you wish to offer your clients a new feature, AI fraud detection via “Amazon Fraud Detector”. To offer such a service you will need multiple talents to set it up for your clients. Such people would be:

  • Fraud Experts (Experts in online fraud and Amazon Fraud Detector)
  • Data experts (To create the data for a machine learning model)
  • Developers (To implement this feature into clients’ business operations)

These people are out there and can be found on freelancer job boards. The challenge is that although there are many that operate in this very niche sector, perhaps only 10-20% possess the right skills and experience to work on such tasks.

Step 1: Create your Candidate List

Firstly, you would need to create your Candidate List to create a channel with test Tasks for potential candidates who will apply to your talent pool by completing your test tasks. You can rank and rate your candidates and later decide which candidates you will select to transfer into your Talent List. You will need to create the test jobs for Fraud Experts, Data Experts, and Developers. Each talent within these categories will need to have a complete understanding of the final goal which you want to accomplish and their part in the process.

Step 2: Share the URL

After your Candidate list and test jobs are prepared, it is time to source your team. You could spread the word via social media, freelancer job boards, security forums, LinkedIn, etc.

Step 3: Rank and rate your talents

Review the results of your test tasks, skills, and qualifications of the candidates who applied. If you successfully sourced suitable talents, you can then proceed to create a Talent List for each category: Fraud Experts, Data Experts, and Developers, and store the talents in these Talent Lists.

Step 4: Learn and improve

Since you now possess a small team of talents, you can begin to plan the whole process. In such a case, we would recommend to begin to work with a few clients and offer them this service at no charge in order to gain an understanding of the costs and amount of work which is required for future assignments.