Get things done fast and at scale.

The WRKON Tasks tool will help you to get your job completed successfully, fast, efficiently, and at scale within your budget.

How does the Tasks tool work?

For you to be able to use the Tasks tool, you will first need to have your Talent Lists set up.

After you have your Talent lists set up you can begin creating Tasks for your talented candidates.

Quick example: Let’s say Company X, who provides web design services, are rapidly growing and their client base expanding and hence, in order to meet the demand, they need to process more orders and serve more customers.

How they can do it? They can have Talent Lists with hundreds of web designers and send them jobs via the WRKON Tasks tool. This way, the company can successfully process hundreds of orders each day without having a single web designer in-house.

What are the benefits of using such a system?

  • Lower your business operation costs, no brick and mortar set up, everything virtual and remote.
  • Speed up operations, 24/7 access to global talent.
  • Consistent standard of work with the same talents. Once you set it up, work becomes simple and easy.
  • No need to worry about sending payments to talents.
  • You decide your rates you wish to pay for each task/job.
  • You can scale easily, if you get more jobs you simply add more people to your Talent List.
  • You can add 100 jobs and have 100 people simultaneously working on each job, giving you the benefit of super-fast processing times.

How much does it costs to use Tasks?

We charge a 10% fee from every job you post. For example, if you post a job worth $100.00 USD, a $10.00 USD fee will be added, so you will pay $110.00 USD in total.