We can build networks worldwide of people to complete your testing/reviewing tasks.

We can build a network of skilled people to meet your specific requirements for testing or reviewing of virtual products, games, software, etc.

How would it work?

You would have to provide your specifications and requirements as to what exactly has to be tested or reviewed. We would then source the right people who can successfully complete these tasks for you.

Can we work with real items/products?

This is dependent upon the scenario and the product. You need to contact us and tell us more about your specific requirements.

What is the minimum budget for such projects?

We are willing to work on projects with a minimum budget of at least 10,000 USD/GBP/EUR.

You have the option to create your own talent networks to perform these tasks for you or you can hire us to create these networks and find the right people who can perform these tasks. If you require our assistance, we are here to help you with your projects. Contact us now.